The “Friendlier” Way of Smoking

Our Vision
Our Vision is to decrease the harmful effects caused by secondhand smoke and the immense amount of cigarette butt litter that accumulates over time in order to promote a healthier environment for everyone one around us.

What’s the problem?

  • Due to lack of ashtrays located closely enough to each of the buildings around campus, there are a number of cigarette butts being littered carelessly around campus.
  • This isn’t a problem just on campus, it’s a problem globally. What’s the problem with that? Well, it takes approximately 12-15 years for cigarette butts and filters to decompose into the environment.
  • Made from cellulose acetate, the plastic from cigarette filters along with the chemicals they absorb are extremely toxic to any aquatic habitats. The chemicals absorbed by the filter can easily get into any soil or waterways harming, or even killing living organisms.
  • The second hand smoke that is at times inevitably inhaled by nonsmokers is rather dangerous too. With the habit that many smokers have of wanting to smoke close to buildings as opposed to near an ashtray all by their lonesomes increases the risk of other smokers and nonsmokers alike inhaling second hand smoke. Research has shown that the chemicals in secondhand smoke are actually four times as toxic as the chemicals in the initially inhaled smoke.
  • Our mission is to lessen the impact of cigarette butts and smoke on our surrounding environment, as convincing a whole world of smokers to quit seems impractical.

What’s the solution?

  • Our optimal solution is to work off of an already existing idea.
  • Our initial idea was to create a cigarette that was more biodegradable, as well as including something in its filter that would lessen the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, while still maintaining the same sensation that smokers crave when inhaling a cigarette.
  • “Green Butts” is a company that is working to create biodegradable cigarettes, however the effect of second hand smoke still exist. Our plan is to create a filter that doesn’t effect the nicotine intake that smokers crave, but help convert the harmful chemicals into less toxic substances for innocent passer-bys.
  • Along with this idea, we plan on making sure that the cigarette butts are indeed biodegradable.
  • To design a designated smoking (with proper shelter for bad weather), as well as have the rules enforced more by having the police write tickets for violators
  • With the idea of “Green Butts” already coming to the light, we plan to help smokers and even non smokers become more aware of this invention (while encouraging smokers to use these type of cigarettes instead of the old ones).
  • When people smoke the “Green Butts” the second hand smoke will still be there. But, if we make some kind of vent at the designated smoking areas. We can take the smoke out of the air and we can change the vent like people do with air filters in there house.

What exactly are “Green Butts”?
Green Butts are biodegradable cigarettes. The cigarettes contains a filter made of all-natural materials (no chemicals/synthetic binding). Wildflower seeds are embedded in the filter wrapper in order to help with the breakdown of the filter body once its discarded. Even though all cigarettes are biodegradable, Green Butts will biodegrade in 1 month (depending on environmental conditions) while regular cigarettes take up to 5-15 years. These type of cigarettes are NOT any healthier than the regular cigarettes, however it will decrease the amount of litter caused by cigarette butts.

Type of Organization
A Non-profit organization that is permitted grants and donations to produce biodegradable, eco friendly cigarettes.

Organization Name
Our organization’s name is EcoPro. This is short for Eco friendly Progress because our company’s goal is to help support the movement for a more environmentally sustainable earth in the future.


Interview with Aj Cork

Briefly explain what biotechnology is.

-Biotechnology: in my own words means the improvement of life … bio means life, and technology means finding ways to improve

Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?


Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

-I never see anything wrong with improvements… as life continues to change and grow, we have to keep up and adapt

What is your academic major?

– Business Management

Interview with Adam Belva.

1. Briefly explain what biotechnology is.

Bio technology is a technological advancement in technology involving synthetic advancements in biological functions of living entities.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?


3. Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

Innovation in biotechnology will provide for better medical procedures with safer and more lasting results in biotechnology and medical engineering.

4. What is your academic major?

Political Science.

Second hand smoke is more deadly than a lot of us believe it is. According to a study done by the California Control Tobacco program second hand smoke increases the chance of heart disease by 30%. In this day in age we are all greatly informed in the negative effects smoking has on the human body. Although our society is aware of these things that doesn’t stop people from continuing to smoke tobacco products day in and night out. Choosing to tackle the problem of second hand smoke I understand that you cannot persecute or stop people from smoking because that is not fair to them. Proposing a compromise we believe that there should be designated areas where smokers are allowed to go and puff as many as they would like, which limit the amount of second hand smoke other individuals encounter. If our campus would incorporate these areas I feel like it would be a benefit for not only those who didn’t smoke but for the environment as well.




Second had smoke is not just a problem on campus but also in the world. To me the best way to get rid of this problem is to limit where people smoke. You can not just limit smoking on campus, because people do have a right to smoke. We can limit where people smoke though, just a couple of years ago people could not smoke inside at the bars anymore. What about having areas outside where people can smoke at? There can be a couple of areas on campus that will limit where people can smoke. Also people who do not want to be near the smoke will know where the areas are and can avoid those places. You can not just take smoking out of a college campus, but if you can limit the smoke in that area alone. If we can do that, second had smoke will go down. It will go down because people will smoke in those smoking areas and people who do not want to be near the smoke will not walk by those areas.






We all understand that second hand smoke is a major issue. Not just on college campuses but in other public places as well. I partially agree with Keith on his ideas of fixing the problem. However, I believe that banning smoking on campus completely will cause a major issue for those who smoke. To me, even though I am a non-smoker, I feel as if its truly unfair to have this rule. Although smoking is a terrible habit that some take part in some people use smoking to cope with certain things. We all are in college for the same reason, to get an education. So to ban smoking may have some students think twice about attending the university. I think that if the campus would like to become a tobacco free environment they should at least allow smoking in low traffic areas or on certain streets. This both will satisfy smokers and non-smokers. I also believe that having facilities for people to smoke is a more realistic idea. This too can cause smokers to reduce the amount they smoke or how frequent due to the location of these facilities. The areas for smoking should not be close to the buildings where classes are taking place or dorms, causing the smoker to have to go out their way in order to take a smoke break. Even though here at ODU there is a smoking policy enforced, however we all know that many people do not follow this policy. I think that if they fine the people who breaks these rules then it will cause them to obey the policy more.



The group’s focus is on second hand smoke.  As a group, we think changes should be made to school policies to find a more effective way of having second hand smoke be less of an issue.

Personally, for myself, I believe the best way to get rid of second hand smoke is to basically ban smoking on campus all together OR to make special facilities/areas for smokers to commune that would keep non smokers out of harms way.  I feel that either option would have benefits.  Completely banning smoking on campus would obviously eliminate second hand smoking issues and creating special buildings or areas to smoke would lessen the problem as well.

The article I provided below touches on what Oregon State University plans to do with their campus and smoking policies.  They plan to ban smokable tobacco products from their Corvallis campus on September 1, 2012.  What I liked about the article was by the school trying to implement this ban not only is their goal to get smoking off campus, but it can potentially get a lot of students who smoke to quit the habit.  Students who have to go off campus to smoke or to a special designated area might not enjoy that inconvenience, so ultimately they will either lessen their smoking or give it up all together.  I believe that is great, because second hand smoking won’t be an issue and also they can help students who smoke become healthier in the end by giving up the habit.

“Clearing the Air”